When people go to the hospital the focus is usually on the pain, the treatment, the type of care that is received. However, not many people realize the medical professionals who work behind the scenes who aren’t doctors, nurses, or surgeons. They’re the people who have to know more than 140,000 medical codes to pinpoint, track and manage a person’s entire medical stay so that they can then accurately communicate with insurance companies and handle the billing process so that you don’t have to.


While you and your loved ones are getting the medical treatment you need, medical coders and billers are tracking the entire process to then be able to reconcile that with insurance companies and final bills. From examinations to the tests to the treatment, medical coders know and track more than 71,000 procedure codes and almost 70,000 diagnosis codes.

Fortunately, after completing a Medical Billing and Coding Program and hands-on experience in the field, understanding and applying all of these codes gets easier to the point where it becomes second nature. Especially when you start to see the top 10 most common ailments and ICD-10 codes associated with them, such as lower back pain (M54.5), headache (R51), and chest pain when breathing (R07.1).


Working in tandem with the Medical Coder, the Medical Biller then takes those ICD-10 codes associated with the patient and uses them to create the medical bill. Billers are also the mediators with the insurance companies- a biller is the one who creates a claim for the insurance company, sends it to them for review, and then when the insurance company returns the bill the Medical Biller evaluates how much the patient owes out of pocket and provides the patient with their final bill. The biller takes all of payment processing hassle out of the patient’s hands so that he or she can concentrate on getting better.


Becoming a Medical Biller and Coder is an appealing career choice for people who are detail-oriented, like to solve problems, and have good communication/math skills. Being able to process information through supporting computer programs, active listening, and coordination are also important skills to have. UEI College is the ideal place to get the knowledge you need to become a Medical Coder and Insurance Coder. Our training program includes hands-on training, an externship with a potential employer, and everything you need to prepare for a new career in the health care.

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