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UEI College in Gardena, CA Celebrates Grand Opening

UEI College in Gardena, CA Celebrates Grand Opening - UEI College


GARDENA, Calif., June 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — International Education Corporation (IEC), a leading national provider of career education and operator of UEI College, celebrated the Grand Opening of its Gardena, CA, location with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, May 25, 2011.

Senator Rod Wright, LA City Councilwoman & Congressional candidate Ms. Janice Hahn, Gardena Valley Councilwoman, Ms. Tasha Cerda and Councilan, Mr. Dan Medina were joined by International Education Corporation’s Senior Executive Team, Dr. Fardad Fateri, Ms. Janis Paulson, Ms. Ginny White and Mr.

Joe Bartolome, Campus President of the UEI College in Gardena, CA. to perform the ribbon-cutting for the new facility.

“We are pleased to have UEI College located in the Gardena Valley. Our businesses will reap the benefits of having one of the premier colleges for career preparation and training in their backyard. We welcome UEI College to the Gardena Valley and look forward to our partnership for years to come,” says Ms. Wanda Love, President and CEO of the Gardena Valley Chamber of Commerce.

“We pride ourselves on being able to offer students timely and relevant career education they need to secure entry-level employment in some of today’s fastest growing fields,” says Dr. Fardad Fateri, President and CEO of International Education Corporation.

(left to right: Joe Bartolome, Ginny White, Janis Paulson, Fardad Fateri)

Joe Bartolome, Campus President of the UEI College in Gardena, CA says, “Education is one of the most valuable resources that can help students gain a competitive advantage when preparing for a new career as well as help build one’s confidence. Our faculty and staff are extremely proud to facilitate this positive experience and very excited to partner with community business leaders to serve the city of Gardena as well as adjacent communities.”

Fateri adds, “We look forward to work with South Los Angeles County businesses while preparing our students for the workforce.”

About UEI College and United Education Institute

UEI College has 15 campuses conveniently located in California. United Education Institute has 2 campuses located in Florida and Georgia. Both are owned and operated by International Education Corporation. Headquartered in Irvine, California, and named as one of the fastest growing corporations on Inc. 500, IEC is a premier national provider of postsecondary career education offering top quality programs in high demand verticals such as healthcare, business, technology, transportation, and criminal justice.

For more information about programs offered at UEI College or to enroll in one of their campuses, please call 1-800-DIAL-UEI or visit

Jazz Beitollahi
Executive Assistant to
Dr. Fardad Fateri, President & CEO
International Education Corporation 
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