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Dental Assistant Student Finds Second Chance in Phoenix

Joanna wanted to make changes in her life after years of struggling with addiction and a criminal record. She is now a proud UEI graduate.

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UEI Provided Ideal Environment for Dental Student to Succeed

Jose found the support he needed from instructors and staff at UEI College in Sacramento. Now he is a proud Dental Assistant graduate.

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UEI Student Silences her Doubts to Follow her Dream

Kathy and her fiancée both attended UEI College and she says her children’s future was a big motivator for them both to succeed

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Dental Assistant Student Turns Passion for Helping Into Valuable Career

Britney turned her passion for helping others, especially kids with special needs, into a new career at UEI College in Fresno

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Dental Assisting Student Learns to Focus on Self-Worth

Brook said the culture of support at UEI College in Phoenix made all the difference as she pursued a new career as a Dental Assistant

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