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Why Are Dental Assistants Important?

Here at UEI College, one of our favorite analogies about the role of dental assistants is that they’re the air traffic controllers of the dental clinic. It’s a great analogy because dental assistants are often tasked with duties that contribute toward ensuring patient coordination and safety, helping dentistry offices run smoothly on a day-to-day basis….

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Can You Become a Dental Assistant with a Felony?

If you have an interest in breaking into the dentistry field but are unsure if you have the time, background, or resources it takes to train to be a dentist or hygienist, you may still find that an entry-level dental assistant position is still well within your reach. But, what if you have a criminal…

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Do Dental Assistants Clean Teeth?

If you are thinking about becoming a dental assistant, you might be wondering whether a dental assistant can perform cleanings? This blog post provides you with everything you need to know about what dental assistants can and cannot do as well as answer the question of whether dental assistants can clean teeth. If you’re interested…

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UEI Transformed Chula Vista Dental Assistant Graduate’s Life

Kiki wanted more in life for herself and her family, and found a passion for Dental Assisting at UEI College

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Is Dental Assisting Hard to Learn? (Answered)

If you’re considering enrolling in a Dental Assistant Training Program, you might be wondering whether the program is difficult to complete and whether being a dental assistant is difficult. This blog post discusses the difficulty level of both dental assistant training as well as dental assistant work. That said, if you’re considering pursuing a career…

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