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UEI College Starts Vocational Nursing Program in the City of Chula Vista

UEI College Starts Vocational Nursing Program in the City of Chula Vista - UEI College

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA.  International Education Corporation today announced that it will start a Vocational Nursing program at UEI College in Chula Vista, California.  

“Our strategy is to grow geographically within existing IEC media markets and to expand offerings within our current programmatic verticals,” says Fardad Fateri, President and Chief Executive Officer of International Education Corporation. Fateri adds, “Moving up the healthcare vertical and offering Vocational Nursing is consistent with our strategic objective.” 

Janis Paulson, IEC’s Chief Operating Officer states, “Our research indicates that there is an incredible shortage of nurses in the State of California and our plan is to be a part of the solution in filling this gap by offering the Vocational Nursing program. We are excited to be in a position to serve the community at large as well as support the needs of employers.” 

“We have discovered through evaluating labor data that San Diego County could benefit tremendously from a top quality Vocational Nursing program,” comments Ginny White, IEC’s Executive Vice President of Admissions & Marketing, “so we decided to offer this much needed program at our UEI College campus in the City of Chula Visa.” 

Headquartered in Irvine, California, International Education Corporation is a premier provider of practitioner focused postsecondary career education in healthcare, business, technology and criminal justice. IEC owns and operates colleges under two national brands: UEI College and Advanced Career Training.

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