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UEI Dental Assistant Student Story

Becoming a dental assistant is a rewarding career but whether you are new to college or in a mid-life career change, it can be difficult and overwhelming to start the process.

At UEI, we understand that you may be ready to dive in but also unsure of what to expect. We want to take this time to introduce you to Kasie. Kasie is a dental assistant student at UEI in Morrow and she will talk about her experience here and how this program has changed her life.

If you have any questions or you would like to discuss the dental assistant program with us, please reach out to one of our admissions advisors today.


Hi, my name is Kasie and I am excited to tell you about my journey here at UEI. I chose to enter the dental assistant program because of the great experiences I had as a child at the dentist. From being afraid and having a dental assistant calm me down, to finally getting my braces off and sharing that celebration with my dental assistant, I always enjoyed going to the dentist.

Because of this experience, I want to help as many people as I can and decided to become a dental assistant. I have struggled with self-esteem in my past so my goal is to assist patients in helping them feel better about their teeth and help them feel confident behind their smile. Building confidence within myself to go back to school and achieve this dream was no small feat, but I’m in love with this field already and I’m excelling academically.

Prior to finding UEI, I never even thought about going back to school. UEI has allowed me to have an excellent school-life balance and the staff here assisted me in getting back on track towards my ultimate career goals. It was a struggle at first because I was scared to succeed, but my instructors helped me tremendously. I have had an amazing experience here in every aspect, but I especially am thankful for making the friends I have made and building long lasting relationships that I have.

I was asked what is different about my experience here at UEI compared to my past education experiences. I do not have any past educational experience outside of high school, but I can tell you that I LOVE UEI.

This dental assistant program has provided me with the tools and skills I need to be successful.


Becoming a dental assistant is easy when you choose UEI. Our program is designed to provide you with the hands-on training and skills you need to be successful in an entry-level role.

Each one of the instructors and staff is ready to assist you and help you through your academic journey.

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