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10 Tips to Turn a Medical Assistant Externship Into a Job

10 Tips to Turn a Medical Assistant Externship Into a Job - UEI College

Externship can be the most rewarding part of your Medical Assistant training. You’re able to put your hard-earned knowledge to work hands-on in an actual medical practice. This helps you retain your knowledge and understand it better.

You should maximize the opportunity provided by your externship to make sure you’re successful in your career. You may end up not wanting a permanent job where you’ve been placed. But, learn as much as you can and leave a good impression. Landing your first position may depend on recommendation from those training you at your externship. Here are ten tips to help you turn your medical assistant externship into a job.


Although you can’t always “judge a book by its cover,” first impressions do count. Even if your externship trainers like you personally, you’ll be representing the practice to each and every person you meet, whether inside or outside the office. Make sure you’re dressed appropriately, including tastefully-styled hair and makeup, and that you’re on your best behavior.


During any down time, don’t sit and chat. Find a task that benefits the practice by asking others if they need help or volunteering for chores. Keep your phone put away except for on breaks. Refrain from gossiping and talking about your personal life. All of your energy should be directed toward keeping the practice running smoothly and making the patients happy.


You’ve been through the training program, so you know the basics. Don’t be afraid to take initiative to solve problems.


Although you should take initiative, don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t know something. Asking lots of questions shows you’re interested in the job.


Never talk about the patients or their situations outside of the office. HIPAA law requires you to keep strict confidentiality.


Put the clientele at ease by building a strong rapport with them. Be empathetic and respectful of their problems and needs.


Realize everyone has different ways of getting the job done. Be open to learning new ways of doing things. The people training you have lots of experience to share and you need to be willing to broaden your skill set. You also need to be willing to work as a team.


Get to know the clientele and their cultures. Understanding their behaviors and beliefs will help you communicate and serve them better.


Plan ahead of time and leave early to make sure you’re always on time. Don’t miss any days unless you absolutely have to. You should treat your externship just like a job.


Don’t take feedback of your job performance as personal criticism. Use it to improve your skills and learn new ones. The practice wouldn’t be training you if they didn’t want you to succeed.

Finally, use your Medical Assistant externship as an opportunity to build relationships with those training you. They can mentor you and provide networking opportunities for you in the future. Help their practice succeed by adapting yourself to their needs and making a positive contribution. This will help ensure that you impress them and make them want you on their team.To learn more about UEI College programs and which ones have an externship program, talk to someone on the admissions team and enroll today.

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