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UEI College – San Marcos Hosts Free HVAC Program Preview

UEI College – San Marcos Hosts Free HVAC Program Preview - UEI College

On March 9, 2019, UEI College – San Marcos hosted a Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Program Preview on campus. This event provided attendees with an opportunity to take part in a hands-on workshop where they learned to install and troubleshoot specific HVAC components, with the help of the College’s HVAC instructors.


Bryon Lucas, Campus Department Chair for the HVAC program, led this Program Preview, bringing with him over 30 years of experience as an HVAC contractor and 20 years’ experience teaching and training. Through the Program Preview, attendees had the opportunity to work with UEI College – San Marcos instructors to learn how to install and troubleshoot various HVAC components including thermostat installation, air filter maintenance, and electrical troubleshooting.

“Our HVAC Program Preview events have been a tremendous resource for individuals who think they might be interested in the HVAC field,” said Kevin Prehn, Campus President. They give participants a feel for what a day in the life of an HVAC Technician is really like.  Attendees learn about and participate in hands-on demonstrations relating to basic electrical concepts, wiring, thermostats, pressure gauges, copper brazing, condenser functionality, and more.  We’ve gotten great feedback so far on these fun and informative events.”


UEI College San Marcos had staff on-hand to answer any questions attendees might have regarding the college, the program, course outlines, the EPA 608 certification, and various careers in the HVAC field.  If you didn’t get a chance to attend this workshop, you can still learn about this program and others by visiting the campus.

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