BAKERSFIELD, CA, May 20, 2019 – UEI College Bakersfield’s Medical Assistant program received The Beverly Newman Volunteer of the Year Award for 2018 for their participation in the Take-Away Tattoo Program, which was presented by Mayor Karen Goh. The students who helped earn this award dedicated their time and learned skills to make this program a success and the faculty and instructors at UEI College could not be prouder.

Under the leadership of Medical Assistant Instructor Ms. Nancy Gambill, students in the Medical Assistant Program have been volunteering two Saturdays out of every month since May of 2017 with the Kern County Probation Department’s Take-Away Tattoo Program.

The Kern County Probation Department’s Take-Away Tattoo Program is an integral program that is not only useful, but it provides hope. The program is focused on helping individuals who want to turn their life around by ensuring they can have unwanted tattoos removed from their body. Often, individuals make choices to receive tattoos based on peer pressure, in the moment decisions, and likewise. These tattoos are sometimes gang related or the tattoos may be present in places that are not aesthetically pleasing such as on the face or neck. Additionally, some individuals have tattoos that may prevent them from moving forward with their lives. The Take-Away Tattoo Program provides these individuals with a new start at getting their life back on track.

Students from the UEI College Bakersfield Medical Assistant Program have been working side by side with physicians in the Take-Away Tattoo Program as the physicians perform laser procedures to remove the unwanted tattoos. The students receive hands-on skills as they assist with patient preparation, dressing the patient’s treated tattoos, and even talking the patients through the procedure. Each student plays an important role and offers comforting words to the patients as they go through this sometimes, painful procedure.

Our Medical Assistant students earn the opportunity to participate in this program through demonstration of their excellent attendance, professionalism, positive attitude, willingness to learn, and recommendation from their instructors.

“This volunteer opportunity has been invaluable for our students as they are even more prepared to enter externship and be successful in their careers as Medical Assistants,” says Christopher Calisto, Campus President.  “Thank you to Ms. Gambill for your leadership and inspiration to our students!”

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