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medical professionals gathering

Career Opportunities for Those in the Medical Field

If you’re interested in exploring careers in the medical field, there are a number of paths you might be interested in learning about. There is far…

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Medical billing and coding professional

Career Opportunities For MBIC Diploma

Careers for those with a medical billing and coding certificate can span between busy doctors’ offices, government agencies, and even home-based…

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UEI college female medical assistant

Becoming a Certified Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are a valuable asset to any medical practice or clinic. The job involves a wide range of important tasks, such as taking patient’s…

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Trends Impacting the Medical Billing & Coding Field

Medical billing and coding is a fast-paced, critical role within the healthcare sector. It transforms all aspects of healthcare into medical…

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International Education Corp Opens UEI College Campus in Bakersfield, CA - UEI College

IEC Opens UEI College Campus in Bakersfield, CA

International Education Corporation (IEC), a leading national provider of career education and operator of UEI College, announced the opening…

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